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CCZK-EL Evaporation vacuum coating machine

CCZK-EL Evaporation vacuum coating machine

 Product Information

Chi-use innovative R & D CCZK-EL automatic evaporation coating equipment means low operating costs and reliable performance and stability, and has a highly user-friendly coating equipment

Vertical double-door design, a substantial increase in production efficiency, the coating film has excellent density and adhesion;

Reasonable equipped with vacuum pumping systems, support equipment and stable long-term cycle of pumping speed;

Achieve PLC intelligent automatic control, with HMI human-machine interface touch, so you also worry do not know the equipment in operation;

Chi-manufactured using innovative technology, excellence, the EU adopted a comprehensive CE and ISO international quality management system certification;


CCZK-EL vertical evaporation coating equipment

Cavity structure: the vertical double-door, rear of vacuum systems

Power Type: Power Configuration resistance evaporation, ion bombardment power, SCR power

Material Material: carefully selected high-quality carbon steel or stainless steel

Pumping systems: equipment diffusion pump or molecular pump + roots pump mechanical pump + maintain pump (configuration optional cryogenic pump)

Cooling system: water cooling mode, the other to be equipped with cooling towers or industrial chillers.

Rotation system: combined rotation and revolution, frequency regulation

Intelligent Control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full-color touch human-machine interface, to achieve automatic control

Alarm and protection: abnormal situation alarm, and implement the appropriate protective measures.

Other technical parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 5.0 × 10-4Pa

Pumping speed: 5.0 * 10-2≤5min

Hydraulic flow rate ≥0.2Mpa 3m3 / h; temperature ≤25 ℃; Pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa;


General Specifications:

Φ1000mm * H1200mm, Φ1400mm * H1600mm, Φ1200mm * H1500mm,

Φ1800mm * H2000mm, Φ2000mm * H2200mm

Vacuum chamber size or device configurations according to customer requirements for customized products and special process


Chi-CCZK-EL evaporation equipment is mainly used for products such as metal vapor deposition surface of the plastic or metal compound film (such as aluminum, chromium, nickel, etc.) applicable to reflector, ABS plastic, acrylic drill, drill resin, foiling, handicrafts, lamps, shoes, cell phone shell, shell makeup caps, toys, Christmas gifts and other industries.

More Applications Consult engineering and technical personnel

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