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CCZK-ION Multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine

CCZK-ION Multi-arc ion vacuum coating machine

 Product Information

Chi-CCZK-ION ion plating is developed on the basis of the vacuum evaporation plating and sputtering on a coating technology, the introduction of the gases into the vapor deposition field discharge mode, the entire process is a plasma vapor deposition carried out.

Full SUS304 high quality stainless steel body, hidden double cooling water jacket design

Reasonable equipped with multiple sets of newly developed plasma arc source, effectively guaranteeing the stability of the arc source sputtering and uniformity

The use of advanced multiple air intake system, precise control of gas flow, the film needs to meet your various compounds.

Load power pulsed bias power supply, greatly increasing energy charged particles to obtain excellent film adhesion and finish

Chi-manufactured using innovative technology, excellence, the EU adopted a comprehensive CE and ISO international quality management system certification;


CCZK-ION multi-arc ion PVD coating equipment

Cavity structure: vertical front door, horizontal front door, the rear of vacuum systems

Material Material: cavity made of high quality stainless steel SUS304

Plasma arc Source: different sizes depending on the device is equipped with multiple sets arc power supply system

Bias power: with a high-power single-stage pulse bias power supply

Multi-arc target: standard sets of titanium or stainless steel target target

Rotation system: frequency control, combined rotation and revolution, can be used on the drive or drive under way

Vacuum system (decorative coating equipment Decorative coating): diffusion pump (optional molecular pump) + roots pump mechanical pump + maintain cryogenic pumps + systems (optional)

Vacuum system (super-hard tool coatings Tooling coating): molecular pump + roots pump direct the pump (imported) + maintain cryogenic pump + optional pump

Gas control: multi-gas mass flow control system

Heating system: decorative coating 350 ℃ adjustable PID temperature can be controlled, super-hard tool coating 550 ℃ PID temperature adjustable control.

Intelligent Control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full-color touch human-machine interface, to achieve automatic control logic

Alarm and protection: abnormal situation alarm, and implement the appropriate protective measures.

Other technical parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 5.0 × 10-4Pa

Pumping speed: 5.0 * 10-2≤5min

Hydraulic flow rate ≥0.2Mpa 3m3 / h; temperature ≤25 ℃; Pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa;


General Specifications:

Φ1000 * H1200, Φ1400mm * H1600mm, Φ1200mm * H1500mm,

Φ1800mm * H2000mm, Φ2000mm * H2200mm

Vacuum chamber size or device configurations according to customer requirements for customized products and special process


Use Chi-CCZK-ION ion plating apparatus can be coated on the surface of metal, glass, ceramics and so on. Common decorative coating equipment is widely used in stainless steel display rack, stainless steel parts, door flowers, showers, handles, plumbing hardware, watches and clocks, sanitary ware, tableware, taps and metal fetching water machine, cell phone metal shell, glass and crystal ornaments, glass, etc. coating

Super-hard tool coating equipment can be used in drills, taps, high speed blade, anti-friction bearings and other functions coating, can greatly improve the product life and efficiency

Common membrane system comprises TiN, ZrN, TiAlN, TiC, TiCN, CrN, Al2O3, etc.

More applications, please contact Chi-engineer

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