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CCZK-OGS Optical electronic gun coating machine

CCZK-OGS Optical electronic gun coating machine

 Product Information

Energy electron beam Chi-vacuum optical (electron gun) coater produced by the electron source (electron gun) and bombardment crucible coating material under the effect of the magnetic field, the high temperature thermal energy conversion by the kinetic energy that the material melts and evaporated to obtain excellent attachment focus and optical properties of the film.

Loading the large crucible electron gun, the whole evaporation process film material surface smooth, uniform evaporation distribution

Careful selection of internationally famous brands INFICON quartz crystal diaphragm thickness monitoring system enables the deposition rate and the coating process automation

Innovative Design of Multifunctional workpiece rotation mode, can carry multiple sets of domed optical coating umbrella or planetary turret

Chi-manufactured using innovative technology, excellence, the EU adopted a comprehensive CE and ISO international quality management system certification;


CCZK-OGS Optical electron gun coating equipment

Cavity structure: vertical front door, horizontal front door, the rear of vacuum systems

Material material: cavity are made of stainless steel forging

Film types: optical multilayer optical antireflection coatings, antireflection coating (AR), a single point of AR, cut-off filter, colorful decorative feature films

Rotation system: frequency control, optical coating with an umbrella and a planetary piece turret

Electron beam evaporator: with high-power E-type electron gun

Assisted Deposition: be bombarded with Hall ion source power or high voltage ion to improve adhesion, film density, refractive index stable

Heating system: armored heating tube heating, 350 ℃ temperature PID control.

Vacuum system: diffusion pump (optional molecular pump) + roots pump mechanical pump + + + cryogenic pump to maintain system (optional)

Gas Control: The multi-gas flow control device

Layer monitoring: configuration produced by the United States INFICON quartz diaphragm thickness meter, enabling the storage layer parameters and automatically call

Intelligent Control: PLC intelligent control + HMI full-color touch human-machine interface, to achieve automatic control logic

Alarm and protection: abnormal situation alarm, and implement the appropriate protective measures.

Other technical parameters:

Ultimate vacuum: 5.0 × 10-4Pa

Pumping speed: 5.0 * 10-2≤5min

Hydraulic flow rate ≥0.2Mpa 3m3 / h; temperature ≤25 ℃; Pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa;


General Specifications: Φ1350 * H1350, Φ1600mm * H1500mm, Φ2050mm * H1500mm,

Vacuum chamber size or device configurations according to customer requirements for customized products and special process


Chi-CCZK-OGS optical coating machine can be used as all kinds of glass, glass, optical resin lenses, binoculars, glasses, optical lenses, cold cups, stage lighting, electronic products, mobile phone windows, glass and other products shell phone panel coating, Chi-optical coating equipment can be plated layers more short pass, long pass, antireflection film, reflective film, filter film, beam splitter, bandpass film, dielectric film, high anti-film, color reflective film and other film-based, enabling film-based coating 0-99 layer film.

More applications, please contact Chi-engineer

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