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CCZK-SFL Continuous magnetron sputtering coating line

CCZK-SFL Continuous magnetron sputtering coating line

 Product Information
Chi Cheng CCZK-SFL series magnetron sputtering coating line suitable for glass curtain wall, aluminum mirror, mirror production, with rotating cathode, planar cathode magnetron sputtering target. It can be plated one to multi-special metal or metal oxide, metal nitride film, a metal single membrane, composite film, Low- E radiation film on the big plate glass can be coated on the lesser curvature of the curved glass. Coating line high yield per year more than two million square meters coated, multi-room transmission, fully guarantee the uniformity of the film, physically.

Cicel CCZK-SFL series magnetron sputtering coating assembly line can apply to coating glass curtain wall ,aluminum mirror ,reflection mirror, equipped with rotation cathode, flat cathode magnetron sputtering target. It can also coat multilayer special films such as metal or metal oxid, metal nitride film, metal elementary substance film, complex film , low-e radiation film ,and small lesser curvature arc-shaped glass .The output of the coating line is high,more than 200 million squares meters can coat per year , multicellular transmission , fully guaranty the film homogeneity, physical property.
Chamber structure: adopt high efficiency horizontal continuous magnetron coating assembly line , front and back roughing pumping chamber, transition chamber , refining pumping chamber, buffer chamber, color plating chamber are equipped with this machine.
Target design : adopt new design rotation cathode target and flat cathode target.
Power configuration :equipped with high power medium frequency magnetron sputtering power.
Electrical control :production line use PLC control ,equipped with industrial computer display system
Human machine conversation: control system can achieve conversation between human and machine, in order to take action to producing process in time. There are alarm remind and malfunction display , reminding operator undertake the problem correctly.
Transmission system : roller transmitting ,support frequency converse
Glass and flat board are available for coating, size can be customized
Our production line adopt advanced slide damper to separate the chamber, which can achieve efficiency separation, stabilize the gas of process.
The production line adopt well distributed input pipe structure design , gas flow transfusing more uniform and gentle .
Other technical parameters:
Pump time: 5*10-2pa<5mins
Ultimate vacuum:6*10-4pa
Water pressure is more than or equal to 0.2Mpa 3m3/h;water temperature is less than or equal to25 Celsius system;gas pressure:0.4-0.8Mpa
general specification:W1200mm*L2000mm(Single room) W1500mm*L2400mm(Single room)
Remarks: vacuum chamber size and configuration can be customized in accordance with customer's special requirements for products and processes

Cicel CCZK-SFL series continuous coating assembly line mainly apply to flat glass, acrylic board and coating single -layer film on metal material, alloy film or metal compound film.It can achieve large area glass coating, reflector glass coating and sputtering coating requirement.
More application details please consult Cicel engineer
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