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CCZK-UVA UV spray line

CCZK-UVA UV spray line

 Product Information
Chi Cheng whole new generation CCZK-UV series automatic coating line complete with advanced spray systems, primarily for the vacuum coating products provide automatic humane primer, paint spraying.

It can be widely used in plastic, metal, glass, ceramics and other materials UV coating, UV coating technology has excellent surface forming ability, giving the product a high density of adhesion and uniform coating.

Complete pipeline coating systems, flame treatment chamber, electrostatic dust chamber, UV automatic spray, preheating leveling, UV light curing, cooling plenum.

Automatic spraying technology, with Japan IWATA automatic gun, the customer may also selected ABB automatic spraying robots.

Water curtain booth design, mist recycling system, greatly reducing the mist diffusion pollution.

Automatic chain design, can be flexible line body planning, installation planning

The new design of the human-machine interface, PLC automatic control system, easy to operate, at your fingertips.

Reasonable infrared heating arrangements, the whole point of UV curing layout, no dead ends quickly warm curing process

CCZK-UVA automatic UV coating line

Line lengths: customized length, single spray single roasted, grilled double double jet generally automatic line length of 50 meters, 90 meters, 120 meters, 200 meters and so on.

Rotor chain: variable frequency adjust the drive chain

Electrostatic dust: Independent automatic electrostatic dust chamber, electrostatic dust gun configuration 6

Flame treatment: a plurality of flame handle guns, improve paint adhesion specific products

Automatic spraying: Independent automatic spray with multivessel SWATA Japan Iwata automatic gun, optional automatic ABB paint robots

Infrared leveling: IR accurate accounting of baking length, multi-branch newly developed infrared heating system, a temperature-controlled adjustable

UV-curable: with multivessel power UV lights, the whole point of UV light system

Air purification: high-efficiency filters, air purification rate and improve cleanliness

Electrical control: PLC automatic control systems, process parameters controllable adjustable


Widely used in plastics, metals, glass and other products of the coating, assembly line production efficient spray pattern can carry large quantities of products.

With dual spray system can achieve double-baked products and conventional thermal curing UV coating spray;

General applications are lights, lids, caps high-end cosmetics, decorations, heel and so on.

Supporting Chi-CCZK-EL series evaporation coating equipment, may be more brightness and adhesion of the coating surface treatment.

More applications, please contact Chi-engineer

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